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Dear Parents and Friends, 

My name is Mrs. Price and I am the music educator at Bartlett Elementary.  I taught music in Manchester for several years and am now very pleased to be part of the Bartlett family.

Music is a universal language.  Through music, children learn to express what is in their hearts, minds and souls.  In music class we learn about the elements of music (melody, rhythm, harmony, tone color and form) through singing, moving, playing instruments, listening and composing.  By participating as a cooperative group member, children are able to express themselves in a variety of ways while exploring the music of our own culture as well as the music of other cultures.  By singing the songs and doing the dances of the peoples of many nations, children gain a deeper understanding about ways of life other than our own.  In addition to social studies, music also enhances other subjects of the regular curriculum, providing practice in language arts, reading and math skills. By playing instruments while singing, children develop eye hand coordination.  Making music engages the brain to make more neuron connections and keeps our bodies healthy too.   

In grades 3 and 4, children are allowed to be involved in the Goffstown string program.  String instruments taught are the violin, viola, and cello.  Children who are enrolled receive a half hour group lesson once a week.  The lessons are free but instruments are not provided by the district so they must be rented.  Many local vendors are available for this.   It is recommended that instruments are rented rather than purchased as students will need to get a larger instrument as they grow.  Johnson Strings will hold a rental night (Sept. 26th) at the middle school for families who would like to rent an instrument.  More info to follow.  

The 4th graders also play recorders as part of their classroom music instruction.  Children will need to purchase a recorder for their use in class.  Watch for notice to come home this month.


Mrs. Price

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